cry on cue

cry on cue  • ” truth to rhyme “

cry on cue“wash of light”

cry on cue  ” love+trust “

cry on cue  • “dub and sympathy”

cry on cue“dub no sympathy”

cry on cue  • “beauty of emotion”

legendary producer karl pitterson puts his roots reggae genius to work on this 2008 release. real songs with real chorus’. “a tour de’ force for bernie larsen’s cry on cue”. reggae beat magazine

a dubby, dancing, emotional reggae record that mixes rock steady with tight

jamaican rhythms

2000’s “wash of light” sees cry on cue merging underground hip hop with one of reggae’s great rhythm sections. a classic

dub and instrumental mixes of 1997’s “dub and sympathy”

pop meets dub meets reggae

acoustic reggae spawned in a coffee house,

this was the record that started it all