In the mountains south of Santa Barbara and north of Ventura is the quiet community of  Ojai California, sitting atop Sacred Native American Land, there is a place of healers, organic lifestyle, compassionate attitudes, and a wide range of musical artists.

The Ojai Sessions Volume 1 is the first in an ongoing series documenting the ever changing fabric of the musical community that exists there.

Volume 1 consists of 19 original songs produced specifically for this record.

Hannah Jobus • Kyle Swan • Amber Bassett • Stephen Shareaux • Jonathan Mcuen

Cindy Kalmanson • TD Lind•Becca Fuchs • Dan Grimm • bernie larsen

Todd Hannigan • David Gorospe • Jeff Uzzel • Rooster Ra • James Paige Morrison

Deer Leg • Dream Asylum • Sunny Erickson • Brad Stone

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The Ojai Sessions Volume 1